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14 May 2006: DominiCore Forums

Ongoing development at DominiCore means that we now have the capability to establish our own forums. Set-up is still underway, and nothing will be finalised until nearer the time that DominiCore is ready to "go live" in its unified form.

6 May 2006: The Darkhawk Nexus Is Moving

From today, The Darkhawk Nexus will be relocating to news.dominicore.com, with a view to a wholesale revamp. ladydarkhawk.co.uk will subsequently be switching to point at The Darkhawk Diaries.

30 April 2006: DominiCore.com

We have just secured the domain name dominicore.com and hosting from EVOHosting, as part of an ongoing effort to expand, update and focus all Dominion-related material at a single location. Version 1.0 should be online presently, with refinements and updates to follow soon, courtesy of our newly streamlined operation.

24 April 2006: Content Warnings Updated

The content advisory labels have been updated to include a "button" to indicate non-consensual content.

26 February 2006: BONUS - Sneak Peak At Adventures To Come!

***WARNING - Spoiler Potential!***

25 February 2006: Diary-X Terminal Failure Hits "Secret Adventures..."

Both mane-of-night.diary-x.com and the author's personal journal have ceased operations as a result of a massive hardware failure at Diary-X. All attempts were made to rescue the information, but alas these have failed, and all data on the Diary-X server has been lost.

Whilst most unfortunate, this is not the end. The Secret Adventures... have relocated to


and all original material, with the exception of the "Previous Adventures" list and the original introduction chapter - both of which were either completely lost or not incorporated into the new incarnation - as now back online.

Tha author would like to thank Diary-X for several years of great service, marred only by an oversight that led to the data loss.

21 December 2005: End-of-Year "Hiatus"

There will be a "creative hiatus" from the end of the current interlude sequence until the New Year to allow for essential "catch-up" work and a series of hardware "shakedowns" to be carried out following recent technical difficulties.

18 December 2005: The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night

Despite recent difficulties, the world of Darkhawk has today expanded to include The Secret Adventures of Mane-of-Night. Just what does Darkhawk's closest friend do with her spare time, and just how does Glitterthorn make the impossible happen? Read on...

12 December 2005: Hardware Outage Nears Resolution

Technical issues beyond our control have prevented us from updating The Darkhawk Diaries on their usual regular basis. A problem that was expected to be resolved in two days or so has now taken over two weeks to address satisfactorily, and we are expecting to be back to normal operations before the end of the week. We will, hopefully, be taking measures shortly to avoid any future outages of this kind, hardware supplies pending.

25 March 2005: The Secret Files of Dominion Expand

The Secret Files, opened on March 24, now have their own sub-section here at The Darkhawk Nexus. This sub-section also features a new entry for The Secret Files, taken from the Confederacy archives.

24 March 2005: Now Open - The Secret Files of Dominion!

As there is still some difficulty surrounding submitting new material to Diaryland, we are now presenting a sneak peak into The Secret Files of Dominion. Stay tuned for future glimpses into the world of Darkhawk and Dominion.

19 March 2005: Diaryland Server Failure

Diaryland is down again, but we are informed that no data has been lost. Operations will resume when the situation permits.

14 March 2005: New Content Warnings

A new set of content warning "buttons" has been introduced. These can be viewed HERE.

01 March 2005: ladydarkhawk.co.uk is born!

The official DARKHAWK domain is now operational.

- Coming soon -

...The Darkhawk Database, and other special features!

...Secret Files

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